Mesopartner @ Work

Creating jobs for rural youth in Moldova Mesopartner has been part of the development of a winning bid for a programme to support economic growth and the  ... >>

Mesopartner @ Work

Basic LRED Training in Indonesia From the 27 to 31 of August 2018 a Local and Regional Economic Development (LRED) training was conducted by Mesopart ... >>

Typology of Regions and meso organisations

The concept of the Typology of Regions was originally introduced in the Mesopartner Working Paper 10 which focuses on options and choices for designing a Region ... >>

Developing a locational policy that fits the context

The idea of developing the economy of a sub-national region is not new. For many, the development of the local economy is seen as an antidote to globalisation.  ... >>

Upcoming events

Mesopartner Summer Academy 2019

Mesopartner Summer Academy 2019 will help you to deepen your understanding of systemic economic change processes and enable you to better guide your organisation or project to shape that process. Sav ... >>

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