September 10, 2018

Mesopartner @ Work

Basic LRED Training in Indonesia

From the 27 to 31 of August 2018 a Local and Regional Economic Development (LRED) training was conducted by Mesopartner (Christian Schoen, Shawn Cunningham) in Bogor, Indonesia, commissioned by the National Support for Local Investment Climate (NSLIC)/National Support for Enhancing Local and Regional Development (NSELRED) Project. NSLIC/NSELRED is a 6-year project supported by Global Affairs Canada (GAC). Twenty-six participants from the planning agency BAPPEDA of thirteen Districts and two Sulawesi provinces have participated in this five-day training. Through the training, Mesopartner created a basic understanding of LRED as a development process and introduced specific instruments and tools to promote LRED in the regions. The training was conducted in an interactive manner to enable the participants to learn actively by applying selected tools in classroom exercises.

The training served as an introductory course for those who would like to apply the LRED approach and its tools for promoting their local and regional economies. Following the training, provincial and district governments are encouraged to identify, design and implement LRED activities. The LRED instruments that were introduced follow a participatory and bottom-up approach, which will help relevant stakeholders to build a joint understanding of their locality, find common ground among different interests and develop needs-driven LRED programs.