September 13, 2018

Mesopartner Summer Academy 2019

Mesopartner Summer Academy 2019 will help you to deepen your understanding of systemic economic change processes and enable you to better guide your organisation or project to shape that process. Save the date - 1 to 5 July 2019, Berlin Germany more

Mesopartner Summer Academy 2017

Sixteen participants from all over the world joined us for a week of capacity building from 3 - 7 July 2017 in Berlin Germany. The focus of the Academy was on the role of meso organisations in Territorial Economic Development. Participants were able to reflect on their own institutional role in development processes, identify procedures how to analyse the role of other organisations within the economic systems they work in and to promote change initiatives under the consideration of complex adaptive dynamics. Our Mesopartner Annual Reflection 2017 was used during the week as a working document. Watch our Summer Academy video.

Mesopartner Summer Academy 2016

The 2016 Mesopartner Summer Academy was held from 4-8 July in Berlin, Germany. The theme of the Summer Academy was Territorial Economic Development, with a specific emphasis on green economic development and climate change implications in territories. The Mesopartner Annual Reflection 2016 focused on the same theme. Download

Mesopartner Summer Academy 2015

The 11th Mesopartner Summer Academy was held from 6-10 July 2015 in Berlin, Germany. We had 30 participants from 10 countries around the world. The theme for the Academy was Territorial Economic Development. The Mesopartner Annual Reflection 2015 focused on the same theme. Download

Mesopartner Summer Academy 2014

Our 10th International Mesopartner Summer Academy was held from the 7th to the 11th of July in Berlin. We had 24 participants from 13 different countries. Our theme was systemic economic development. At the core of the programme we worked with the Systemic Insight approach, which is rooted in systems thinking and is particularly sensitive to adjustment and learning for development practitioners working in complex environs.

Mesopartner Summer Academy 2013

The 2013 Academy on Systemic Economic Change took place from 1-5 July 2013 in Berlin.

In the first week of July 2013 Mesopartner successfully hosted its 9th International Summer Academy in Berlin. 26 participants representing 18 countries completed an intensive 5 day programme. 

The theme of the 2013 Academy was systemic change in territories. The academy was organised around a systems thinking framework called Systemic Insight. Mesopartner has been developing the Systemic Insight framework over the last 2 years as an instrument to support development practitioners in better understanding and influencing the systems they are working in. Additional inputs on Systemic Monitoring and Evaluation as well as managing development in a complex context were also introduced. Read more on Mesopartner's Systemic Insight website.

Berlin proved to be an ideal setting for this event. Berlin itself is an excellent example of how a complex system has dealt with tremendous structural, political and economic change.